GeoKettle plugins

Sextante module

This plugin provides GeoKettle with advanced geoprocessing capabilities by embedding some algorithms (dealing with vector geometry) from the  Sextante library.

As GeoKettle, this plugin is released under the terms of the  LGPL 2.1.

Download page

A binary distribution of this plugin is available on the  Spatialytics market.

SVN repository

The SVN repository of the GeoKettle's Sextante plugin is world-readable, write access is limited.

To checkout the latest code base of this plugin:

svn checkout geokettle-sextante_plugin

Continuous integration server

You can download the latest builds of the GeoKettle GeoKettle's Sextante plugin code base on the Spatialytics  continuous integration server.

Warning: These builds corresponds to snapshots of the subversion trunk. They are development versions of the plugin. They can thus be instable and are not recommended for use in production.


Installation of the plugin is easy. You just have to unzip the content of the binary distribution of the plugin into your GeoKettle installation directory.

Building the plugin

The build process relies on Apache Ant. So, you are required to install it on your computer in order to be able to build the plugin.

Once in the code base directory, just type

ant zip

to compile and produce the binary distribution of the plugin (zip archive).

ESRI Geocoder plugin

This plugin allows you to geocode addresses using ESRI's software.

All details about this plugin contributed by Tim Green can be found on the  ESRI Geocoder plugin page.

Kettle plugins

As GeoKettle is based on Pentaho Kettle, all plugins developed for Kettle 3.x also work on GeoKettle. Please visit the  Kettle plugins page to access an exhaustive list of plugins.