Compiling GeoKettle


Compilation of GeoKettle is rather a simple process. All compilation tasks are managed by Apache Ant. So, in addition to a Java Development Kit (JDK), you are required to have Apache Ant properly installed on your computer before starting the compilation procedure. Please, refer to the  Apache Ant web site to download and know how to install this application on your computer. Be sure the ANT_HOME environment variable has been defined and point to your Apache Ant installation directory. Check also the ant tool is in your PATH.

Once these pre-requisites are installed, you can build your own GeoKettle distribution.

Get the source code and compilation preparation

First, check out the  GeoKettle source code from the SVN repository of the project. We will name GEOKETTLE_HOME the name of the directory where the sources have been checked out.

You are now ready to start the compilation process.

Building the project

To compile the GeoKettle project, just type:


To build a binary distribution archive of GeoKettle, type:

ant zip

It is also possible to build the code and produce a binary distribution archive of GeoKettle including some selected plugins

ant zip­-plugins

Both zip files should be available at the end of the compilation process in the GEOKETTLE_HOME directory. The one that contains the plugins is named, the other one, where ### corresponds to the revision number of the copy that has been checked out from the svn repository of GeoKettle .

Cleaning the directory

If you face problems during compilation or want to start again the building process, you can clean the directory by typing:

ant clean